Friday, December 19, 2008

Health Care

I recently read this article in Newsweek about health care providers being able to opt out of providing medicine/advice/treatments if they ethically object to the course of action being taken. This of course is entirely focused on the ever raging battle in America around abortion.

While my own views here don't really matter I think the most shocking thing about this story was the slippery slope precedent it establishes in the medical world. If medical professionals can opt not to provide assistance to patients for"religious or moral reasons" where does this end?
If I am a doctor and a patient of mine refuses treatment for cancer, can I object to their wishes because it goes against my religious beliefs and force treatment upon them? Can I refuse to perform experimental treatment because it goes against my moral code?

Doctors are supposed to provide the options to their patients and then respect their informed decisions. If people want birth control, experimental drugs, risky treatments or none of the above as long as the facts were presented as a doctor you need to do your job.

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