Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The ongoing Brett Favre Saga

I know I am not the only one out there - the people who are so sick of hearing about every little machination of his life. I thought that this would die down somewhat after the trade was finalized and passed, since you know, the whole situation was over and done with.

Not so much, it seems.

Literally, every day for weeks we got constant coverage of the Favre saga on all 3 ESPN networks, simultaneously! I mean, even the normal news networks had this shit on it. And it was even the most minute details.

Favre has a private plane! Offered $20 Million to stay retired! Might consider possibly talking to Jets or Bucs about the possibility of a trade! Had steak for dinner! What about the cover of Madden 2009?

It was incessant. There was constant analysis, most of it over the most inane details. They interrupted Brett Favre news with breaking Favre news. It was totally absurd and out of control. The only thing even remotely close to this much media saturation that mattered so little was the Barbaro injury/recovery/setback etc. debacle of a few summer's ago. By the end how many people even cared?

I mean, this sucks for Aaron Rodgers, since I am sure he just wants to play QB and have a shot but now, since he is replacing Favre we get tons of analysis on him too. Honestly, we really care about his 4 series at QB vs. Cincy in a preseason game this much? And I know that Green Bay is a big football city and all with a ton of tradition, but their media share can't be so large that we need nonstop coverage of the Brett Favre reinstatement/trade saga and then endless analysis on every sports station and show nationally for weeks, right? Am I wrong here. There are other sports stories in sports that are currently in season. Can't we overanalyze the Tampa Bay Rays, or the chase for the Single season saves record, or NASCAR races or something? How about the Olympics? Michael Phelps probably needs more media love for dominating the world. Can we pur Brett, Aaron and Green Bay to rest for awhile guys? Please?

I feel like any more overexposure on this and I am going to want to kill the power to ESPN headquarters or take out Brett Favre to put an end to all this madness.

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