Friday, May 30, 2008

The Next Frontier in Sport

Right now on ESPN they are televising the National Spelling Bee. I can't really describe how awesome this is in words. Watching a stage full of 12-15 year olds spelling words I have usually never heard of, asking for alternate definitions, pronunciations and sentences involving these words is fantastic. Every kid has some nervous tick, like hair twirling, rocking back and forth etc.

It's pretty straightforward right now, with just a couple of commentators commenting on how excellently little Joey gathered the two roots of the word based on their language of origin and a panel of judges providing additional info and monitoring the spelling timer. The phase of the competition we are in now is down to the top 21, eliminating down to 12 for tonights live finals at 8pm EST on ABC. I'm stoked.

What we need to do is get a sideline reporter to get reactions from contestants after elimination, some backstage gossip and interviews with the parents. How great would that be?
"Hey Jenny, really tough break there on hyssop (a type of European mint often used to treat bruises, by the way). What was going through your mind when you were up there?"

"Well, Ryan, I was really nervous the whole time, since I am 13 and not used to TV crews filming me spell obscure words so I had to focus on relaxing. Then, uh, I tried to get it through the root of origin, but since it got passed around Europe faster than Paris Hilton I couldn't really garner anything helpful from that. Then the scary timer lady yelled at me and I got really flustered and just guessed. Who knew it was an "o" and not a "u" at the end? Also, um, I, uh....thinkyou'rereallycute, bye."

High comedy right there. You all ought to be tuning it, if not now then tonight at 8pm for the LIVE SPELLING BEE FINALE!

Edit: Apparently, they already have this sideline reporter thing taken care of with Erin Andrews. Sorry, Ryan Seacrest, I thought I had something there for you. Tough break. In other excellent news, she is cute and will keep me watching for awhile longer.

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