Friday, May 23, 2008

False Advertising

I watch a decent amount of television, mostly sports, and anyone who watches their fair share of TV knows that the same commercials appear all the time. I obviously understand the point of advertising from both ends, and don't really have a huge issue with it. Successful advertising will make consumers want the advertised products, be it cars, food, legal advice whatever. What DOES bother me though is when I am constantly bombarded by ads for food chains that do no exist within any sort of geographical range of my house. What good is it advertising these products to people who couldn't possibly buy them?

Our biggest offenders here in the Northeast are: Sonic, Red Lobster and to a lesser degree Red Robin.

These restaurants constantly advertise on my TV stations (including local channels!) peddling their food to me. The closest Sonic is 215 miles away. The closest Red Lobster is 68 miles away and the closest Red Robin is 49 miles away (although they have one "Coming Soon" a mere 27 miles away). Why then, if it is incredibly unreasonable for me to head into town or take a short drive of 10-15 minutes and get to your restaurant, that I must see your incessantly stupid advertising all the time?

Red Robin, I somewhat understand the advertising blitz in preparation for moving some new locations into the area and wanting to create buzz. Red Lobster has been doing nothing but retreating out of New England for years though, so I don't really need a reminder that the locations up here weren't good enough to keep open. We'll get our seafood fresh somewhere else anyway, jerks. And Sonic - my God. I mean, 215 miles with no influx to the area in sight and terrible advertising to boot. It's a wonder I haven't firebombed one of these places yet.

Isn't there some prescription drug some company ought to be convincing me I need instead?

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Tyler said...

I have been saying this ever since sonic commmericials started popping up.