Friday, May 2, 2008

The Delicious Express

Seeing as I am rather lazy and rarely bring myself enough to eat for lunch, I found myself need some additional nourishment after lunch yesterday. Since my co-workers were going to pick up some Taco Bell I decided to tag along and maybe get a taco or some cinnamon twists to quell my hunger until dinnertime.

As we pull up I remember the awesome Taco Bell commercial I saw recently on TV for the Bacon Club Chalupa and instantly decide that I must try it. I wasn't sure how the bacon would fit in with the mexican theme of the food, but I am pretty sure bacon is good with anything. I pick one up, get about 40 napkins and packets of hot sauce to take back to the office and my taste buds are ready for some excitement.

The first bite gives me mixed reviews: I can't quite pick up the bacon flavor, the hot sauce is dripping everywhere and there wasn't enough meat in my first bite. I was disappointed and worried that the delectable concoction of awesome I had been salivating over for a solid 20 minutes was going to be a bust. Boy, was I wrong.

As I mowed through the rest of the chalupa, there was ample bacon with great flavor and much more meat to go along with it. The sauce they put on there mixed beautifully with the rest of the flavor explosion going on inside that soft shell and after I finished I was craving more. My conclusions are as follows: The Bacon Club Chalupa is delicious and bacon goes with anything. You must eat this. Your life will be altered.

If you'll excuse me, I am now going to get some Taco Bell for lunch.

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