Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This afternoon I was told I wasn't qualified enough for the undergraduate admissions position I had applied for next year and thus, they would not be considering my application. Now I understand that they have minimum requirements and that I didn't technically have one year of experience in undergraduate admissions. However, as I outlined in my cover letter, I have been working in a very related field doing college advising and worked in partnership with a collegiate admissions office all year. They had me sit in on their meetings, I sat in our their candidate interviews and participated in making the decisions on a couple of applicants by using their admissions formula so I felt that this experience was relevant and would make me at least a worthwhile candidate for an interview.

I was hoping to get an interview so that I could further explain all the work I had been doing this year, how it was related to admissions work and how I thought this gave me a unique perspective on the process and made me an ideal candidate for the position. Obviously, I was hoping to get the job, but I would have been happy just getting an interview and putting my credentials out there in person. Naturally, they saw it otherwise and decided to maintain their rigid qualification standards and hence, we get the catch 22.

This is the most entry level position in admissions, the general admissions counselor, and yet it requires one year of experience. How is it that one gets any experience if the lowest rung on the ladder requires experience to get in? I don't understand where all these other people are getting experience in the first place as I always assumed that related experience like my work in college advising and admissions would be helpful. Apparently not. I don't know exactly how this problem can be rectified, but I think it's a systemic problem in many workplaces and in my opinion they are screening out a lot of potentially qualified applicants by having such a seemingly backwards system of experiential requirements.

I'm not saying I would be the most qualified person for the job, or that I even should get the job, seeing as they had 100's of applicants. I just feel that the way they are operating is a little antiquated and needs addressing.


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you must have at least down syndrome to enjoy this

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Back off the Cleve or I will hunt you down...