Monday, April 28, 2008

Hollywood is full of Whores

Flipping through the channels the other day, I happened upon some random reality show "A Very Brady Baby" (i think it was called) which features Christopher Knight and his wife Adrienne Curry and their decision to have a baby. It should be noted that this is the third season of this show, and these two met on the set of another reality show, "The Surreal Life."

Christopher Knight is 50 years old and is best known for playing Peter Brady in "The Brady Bunch" back in the day. Adrienne Curry is 25 and was the winner of the first season of "America's Next Top Model" and has had numerous modeling gigs, including Playboy, since then.

HOW IS IT THAT THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE MARRIED?! What does she see in a middle aged former child star? And how the hell is he landing model ass at age 50?

The answer, of course, is that nearly everyone in Hollywood is irrevocably fucked up and operate in a completely parallel universe from the rest of us where attention and money take the place of common sense. Just check their Wiki pages for further info.

She won a modeling TV show, made money modeling and got the adoration of millions by doing multiple Playboy shoots and appearing in Maxim's top 100 hottest women. As the modeling hype surrounding her dimmed, she went on The Surreal Life to get more exposure and met Chris, who was clearly trying to worm his way back into the spotlight through that appearance.

Once they started dating on/after the show, they parlayed that into a "Newlyweds"-esque show about the two of them dating, where at the end of season 1 he proposes. Not only is that a great season finale, but hey! - that means we can do a season 2 about the wedding planning! Naturally season 3 is focused around them figuring out if they want to start a family and her getting breast implants.
Watching just 10 minutes of one episode was proof enough how damaged they both were, as there were two huge fights and multiple crying fits by both parties. I think they even have couples therapy sessions, in addition to individual therapists. Good lord.

I stopped watching when he got upset about her taking sexy pictures of her, and a girl friend as well, for his birthday. He flew off the handle and worried about her fidelity, while she got all upset that a relatively unattractive 50 year old wasn't turned on by her or something. Unreal.

The upcoming Ashton Kutcher/Cameron Diaz drunken Vegas wedding movie seems to be an accurate portrayal of the lengths people will go for money, fame or both. Although people could do worse then Cameron Diaz and Adrienne Curry....

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