Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Greatest Parking Spot Ever

Last Saturday night I was heading to a bar in Harvard Square. I was driving there. I wasn't too happy about it, but driving there and fighting for parking in the cluster-fuck that is parking in Harvard Sq. on a Saturday night outweighed paying for a cab. For whatever reason, I really dislike paying to get driven around when I could just as well do it myself.

So as I have mentally prepared myself for the arduous task of hunting for parking, I round the corner where the bar, Red Line, is located and pull off to the side of the road opposite the bar to let out my passengers as I embark on my parking mission. As I sit there, waiting for them to get out, I happen to glance to the other side of the street. In my head I know there isn't going to be parking spots right in front of the bar I want to go to at 10pm on Saturday, by habit forces me to look.

What do I see as I glance over, but a wide open, uncontested parking spot feet from the door. My brain stumbled over this visual information as I tried to instruct them to close the doors and hang on, as the red light stopping traffic and potential spot-stealers won't last forever. I hastily cut back into the lanes of traffic, back up 20 feet down a city street and parallel park my car in the miracle spot, first try.

Easily the best parking spot I have ever gotten at a busy place relative to the distance traveled to the doorway. I will most likely never have as good a parking spot as this ever again, unless of course I get handicapped plates and personally, I'd rather spend 20 minutes looking for a spot and walk 5 blocks. As I got out of the car I declared that we couldn't leave until the bar closed on principle because our spot was so awesome.

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