Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I've been trying to not drink soda as much, in addition to not really drinking alcohol, because it is pretty terrible for you. It's bad for your teeth and it's essentially liquid fat. It's got caffiene in it, which is a rough drug in and of itself. It costs money, which when you are downing as much soda as I am, it becomes a substantial amount of cash.

Why is it that I continue to drink soda even though I really don't want to? For one, it tastes much better than water, so it's hard to choose the bland water when the soda is right there. Secondly, it's like a vice. The combination of the caffiene and sugar shoots straight to the brain like an express train and the flavorful goodness coats the taste buds like a warm blanket. I know I shouldn't drink it is much as I do, especially since I'm not exercising nearly as much as I used to.

I think that's the point though; everyone has vices and everyone does shit they know they shouldn't. I've got plenty more than just a massive soda indulgence, believe me, and everyone you and I know has similar imperfections. People cheat, gamble, steal, lie, cut corners, cut classes, drink, do drugs - you name it. As humans, we all are built to have imperfections. It is what defines us as people, makes us unique and defines who we are oftentimes.

Having a problem controlling one's soda intake is really minor in comparison to some of the other issues and vices people carry around. Hell, it's hardly in the top 10 of my own. We just have to learn to accept and embrace some of the deficencies people have and work with them on those that are larger problems.

People are coded to take risks and make bad choices. It makes me wonder what other kind of vices people have that they don't even know about? What else is wrong with you? With me?

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