Friday, January 25, 2008

A Shopping Calamity

The other night I made a late run to Shaw's to do some grocery shopping. It was a pretty standard and enjoyable trip, since the store is real empty after 10pm and I was able to breeze through he aisles with little difficulty. As I browsed the soda aisle though, my happy shopping trip ground to a halt and my world was turned on it's axis.

Shaw's brand soda was on sale, and even though I am trying to cut out soda from my diet, it wasn't all going to be for me and the nostalgia for the Shaw's brand sodas is quite high for me. Back in my high school days all my friends and I would always go to my friend Chris' house after school and we were thee so often we were limited to one soda and two snacks per day. The soda selection was always a medley of Shaws' finest offerings (or name brand soda on special occasions). I was particularly fond of the Dr. Pepper knock-off and so once I saw the sale I was stoked to grab a case or two.

No such luck. They were out of it. In fact they didn't even have an empty space on the shelf indicating that at one point there was some, but it has subsequently all been bought up due to it's delicious taste and tantalizingly low price.

I was devastated and had to settle for a case of "Mountain Maze" instead. Because of this travesty alone I will most likely not be shopping there again anytime soon.
I may hit up Wal-Mart for the also delicious Dr. Thunder and Mountain Lightning offerings they have.

Until the world realizes the deliciousness of Dr. Pepper and it's lower priced, generically named knockoffs I will not rest.

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