Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Interesting Weekend

After spending the weekend in rural NY catching up with friends, I figured it would be appropriate to run out some highlights of the trip.

-Incredibly limited cell phone reception, which was both annoying and hilarious when you watched the weird places and positions people would get in trying to hold onto reception.
-Drinking in the car in the parking lot of the train station while waiting for our last comrade to arrive. Subsequently handing him a beer as soon as he got in the car was also cool.
-Beiruit being played, 1 vs. 2, in my friends Chem classroom.
-Drunken foray into the bio class, which is filled with creepy skeletons, dead bottled animals and weird smells. We were lucky not to break anything.
-Blackboard graffiti.
-Directions to the bathroom were "right at the bear, left at the goat." Yeah, the huge taxidermy exhibit were our landmarks.
-One of us doing the Safety Dance with a classroom stool while the other two sing Third Eye Blind and Journey at intolerable volumes.
-Me stealing spaghetti from Matt mid-bite without asking, then taking the fork too as he bewilderingly looks on.
-The puke on the floor of the bedroom. GG beef and Broccoli. At this point, Matt stole the blanket off his bed. Classy move.
-The zoo there was awesome. I love poison dart frogs.
-The three of us going out to dinner at a nice French restaurant because we had a gift certificate and basically being assumed homosexuals.
-Beiruit in the lab round two, followed by drunken chem experiments. Spilling the hydrochloric acid was probably not for the best though.
-Making a beeramid with all the empties and posing for absurd pictures with it.
-Matt and I pound an entire bag of Doritos. I puke these up later, but not on the floor.

All in all, good times were had by all and it's a lucky thing there were no students around as we decimated the campus with our presence.

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