Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ALDS Game Notes

Here are the game notes that I took during the Red Sox games from the 2007 Division Series, raw and unedited.

ALDS Game One: Beckett vs. Lackey

Good feeling about this game since Lackey has a career ERA in Fenway Park of 8, similar to the number of cheeseburgers Bartolo Colon eats during his pregame warm-ups.

1st inning:Youkilis blasts one onto the Monster – wrist what? Beckett looks solid in a quick inning. 1-0 Sox.

2nd inning: Lugo tagged out on a steal attempt on an apparent ghost tag, typical crap that happens to the Sox it seems. Becket looks very strong, hitting 97-98mph on the gun.

3rd inning: Ortiz turns on one and hooks it around the pole for a two run HR. Manny gets on and has an atypicaly good baserunning play advancing to 2nd on a passed ball which leads to an RBI single by Iron Mike. 4-0 Sox, Lackey can’t find the strike zone. JD grounds into a DP but makes it close at first for the second time tonight. I’m just reaching for reasons to commend him at this point. Beckett has “it” tonight and is making the Angels look silly.

4th: Heart of the Angels order looks like a bunch of little leaguers as Beckett continues to hit 98 on the radar gun. Lackey actually gets a 1-2-3 inning (granted it is to our 7-8-9 guys).

5th: TBS brings up Beckett’s blister history, fuck. Retires the side in order, 15 straight. Sox go quietly in bottom half.

6th: Beckett is destroying the Angels, 18 straight retired. I go to a bar and get a Pumpkin head on draft – gotta love playoff baseball. Lackey manages to stop the bleeding and find control of his breaking ball finally.

7th: Beckett gets to 19 straight retired before a bloop single, continues to look overpowering. Ervin Santana comes in from the ‘pen and doen’t suck, who knew? Announcing crew compares hamate bone removal to being as en vougue as Tommy John. I’ll buy this when they name it after a player or it enables mediocre people to resurrect their careers. Wily Mo may be the test case here.

8th: Beckett still crusing and ends with an emphatic K (98mph still!) 101 pitches. Sox look meek in the 8th against Santana, which is odd seeing as he was demoted this summer to AAA.

9th: Okajima and Pap sit down in the ‘pen in a slightly odd move. I would have rested Beckett here, but that’s why I am not an MLB manager. Vlad singles and Beckett mow down the rest in a 4 hit shut-out of the Angels. Great tone set with this game and in retrospect, resting the bullpen was a great move given how Beckett was dealing.

ALDS Game Two: Dice-K vs. Escobar

Gotta keep the momentum going after a dominating game one performance. Wacthing the game on the big screen at casa de Duff in Ithaca, NY. Our pregame analysis – Dice-K is a total wildcard here. He could pitch a shut-out or not make it out of the 2nd. Who knows.

1st: Duffman and I are 3 beers deep by first pitch and we dub this a good sign since we are drinking “good luck beers”. This game is “MLB on TBS on TNT” ok…
Walk to O-Cab on a borderline strike. His batting helmet may or may not have survived a house fire as well.
“Garret Anderson looks like he took a load in the eye” Duff follows this up with a 5 minute diatribe comparing hamate bone removal to Marilyn Manson-esque rib removal – amazing. Emphatic punchout to end 1st after 31 pitches, ugh.
Escobar hitting 98 on the gun!? Youk works a key walk, Ortiz gets on , Manny has a good long AB before flying out and Lowell walks to load them up for “The Corpse”. 2 run single!!! WOW. Escobar throws a lot of pitches as well, good news.

2nd: Pedroia comes up gimpy after diving stop, decidedly not good – stays in game though. Angels have 1st + 3rd with 0 outs. Mathis grounds out to score a run. Manny misplays a ball to allow another one and Cabrera RBI double. The apparent Dice-K blowup inning. In the bottom half, Lugo stares bewilderedly at 3 straight strikes and Pedroia grounds out weakly again. Fantastic.

3rd: Leadoff bloop double, fuck. Then Pink Eye gets himself forced out at 3rd. No runs in!
Youk strikes out looking, unlucky break there. Escobar still hitting 97-98 on the gun despite scouting report touting his fastball topping out at 95mph. I hate baseball.

4th: We are now drunk and have ordered wings. Angels do nothing of consequence. Crisp bunts his way on and steals second! Sox can play small ball in 2007, unlike 2004. Lugo up with 2 outs, shit. Strikes out looking to strand Crisp, standard.

5th: Things gets dicey (haha), we survive threat still 3-2 Angels. 1st and 3rd for Manny, who works a walk to load them for Lowell, who comes through with a sac fly. Tie Game! Drew grounds out end inning after 10 pitch AB (at least he still can take pitches)

6th: Delcarmen in for Lopez after Dice mediocre for 4 and 2/3 innings. Bullpen could be in trouble with 2 guys already in by the 6th. We need runs. Delcarmen with a sick K to end inning. Shields comes in for Halos, who also happens to suck at Fenway and the second half of the season. This good, as we still need runs. I’m drunk, and my handwriting takes a turn for the worse here. Scoiscia looks bewildered in the dugout. Coco fucks up running the bases and doesn’t touch second on way back to first, inning over. Classic Sox here.

7th: MDC hits Vlad (awaken sleeping giant?) Okajima comes in, oh boy. We better not see Gagne tonight. “Why would you ump a mike?” – Duff. Yeah….
Bouchard arrives! OK K’s one of the 7 izturis’s in MLB to end inning. We work two walks before Lowell flies out to end inning. Still tied.
8th: OK back on the hill, since we basically only have Pap and Timlin left for functional relievers and this one looks headed for extras. Pap comes in with 2 outs. OMG Tito, you make me nervous. Youk makes an error for the first time in approx. 2 years (swell timing ass). Some souche walks and its first and third. Chone K’s looking on 100mph heat. Papelboner! [I can barely read any of these notes now]
JD Drew is officially terrible, but so is Spier so we have hope. Varitek grounds out.
“Get out of the shit park fuck ass cunt-mobile, dammit” Duff gem.
To the 9th:

9th: Pap gets O-Cab to fly out, but then walks the partially blind cum-eye Anderson. No damage done though, since Pap owns. Why is Spier still pitching? Pedroia advances Lugo and K-Rod is in with 1 out. Youk looks awful striking out. MANNY 3 RUN BOMB OFF K-ROD! I’M HAMMERED! WOOOOOOOO! [last three lines we slanted, smudged and hardly legible, by the way. I immediately pass out on the couch after this].

ALDS game three. Weaver vs. Schilling

1st inning: Groundout, Strikeout, strikeout. We swung at a bunch of shit.
Schiling weighs 235, that’s pretty fat. Chode flies out, I dislike him strongly. O-cab singles and will probably steal. Vlad golfs one to Lowell, Anderson flies out and that’s that. Sweet deal.

2nd inning: Manny walk, Lowell doubles and Manny almost overslides the bag, typical many. The corpse swings at the first pitch and dribbles one to weaver. What an asshole. Then tek K’s, also typical. Pitch in the dirt hits the ump, otherwise could have scored Manny and then Crisp K’s. Fucking hell. Reggie Miller getting interviewed by Jose “broken English” Mota and he’s an Angels fan? Commentators talk about how schilling needs his stuff to be better, then gets a DP. Disconcerting either way.

3rd inning” Garret “load in the eye” Anderson replaced in left by willits. Second awful at-bat for Pedroia, he’s sucked the last month or so. Sox go quietly. Angels get bases loaded but Schilling gets Willits to foul out to Tek.

4th inning: Ortiz unloads one into the bleachers, this guy is phenomenal. Loved the uber close-up of Weaver after the homer as well, thanks TBS. Like I waned to see his cold sore. Manny then BLASTS one into deep center field for back to back jacks. This ball was dominated, much like the Angels team has looked all series. Schilling gets 3 groundouts and looks deent. Maybe his stuff is getting better…

5th inning: Lugo gets on, Pedroia walks, weaver looks rattled and then Youk grounds into a DP before Papi and Manny would have made him shit his pants. Napoli singles, and chone gets his name made fun of while working a 10 itch AB.

6th inning: Ortiz walks and Angels go to the bullpen. Shields get a fly out after a long Manny AB (incidentally he has a .313 career average). Lowell hits into another Sox DP.
Schilling hitting his spots and getting guys looking, Angels continue to suck.

7th inning: Surprise! JD Drew strikes out looking. As does Tek and crisp. Way to mke Shields look like Cy Young out there guys and drive up his pitch count. Cracked open second of the good luck beers to help close them out. Diving play for Coco in center he just misses, shit. Groundout advances the runner to 3rd, 1 out. Schilling could use a K. gets a popout instead and morales shatters his bat in disgust – pretty badass. Great closeup of Tek’s junk so we can “watch the signs”. This has to be the most awkward oart of catching, having TV close-ups of your groin. Schilling huge K to end threat! Nice.

8th inning: Shields still out there and dealing. Lugo walks and Shields is done, weird since before that he had been owning us. Spier comes in and Pedroia doubles Lugo home, then Youk hits a sac fly and its 4-0 Sox! Ortiz singles Manny walks and Spier looks putrid on the mound. Ellsbury in to run for Manny. Iron Mike doubles home Ortiz, Spier should just hit the showers and set up a tee. Oliver comes in and Drew grounds to first who throws home and naturally the cather can’t handle the throw 6-0 Sox. Varitek doubles in another run, the Angels should just give up. Crisp two run single on the next pitch, I feel bad for the Angels at this point. Lugo pops out for the second out of the inning 20 minutes later. Pedroia grounds out to end the inning and now the Angels have to send 3 corpses to the mound. Okajima pitches the 8th for us – why are we pitching him two days after a 1.1inning effort in game two with a 9 run lead? Shouldn’t Timlin or corey or something be pitching now? Leadoff double for figgins, long AB for Cabrera leads to a fly out to Ellsbury who almost overruns it and makes a leaping catch. “no team looks worse than a team who can’t score” Thanks TBS announcers. Guerrero flies out and has looked bad all series long, like most everyone else on that team in fact. Willits walks. Then fly out to end inning and essentially their season.

9th inning: Youk singles, Hinske hits for Ortiz and strikes out then ellsbury hits into DP. 3 more worthless outs to go. Gagne in to pitch, let’s hope for a clean inning here. Ground rule double for Izturis, then a wild pitch. Great. Sac Fly for Kendrick, JD DREW displays his cannon arm, I guess he wasn’t sleeping out in right. Gagne K’ some PH scrub and gets another one to pop out to end it, mercifully.

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