Thursday, November 29, 2007

So I'm a Scrooge

In the wake of yet another Thanksgiving holiday I find myself in a completely familiar scenario. Not only am I attempting to unclog my arteries from excessive gravy abuse, but I am also left cursing every time I flip on the radio or enter a major department store for the simple reason that I am bombarded by Christmas music. I personally see no reason why the Friday after Thanksgiving is the official kickoff point for the Christmas holiday.

Who dictated that we must flood the airwaves we the same tired old carols and fill every store with holiday themed merchandise ASAP after Thanksgiving? Why can't we just relax and let fond memories and expanded bellies from Thanksgiving carry us into December - and THEN crank into Christmas mode?

The other main thing that bothers me about this whole period is the people who go and get a Christmas immediately following Thanksgiving and are usually the biggest offenders in putting gaudy decorations on their home far too early. Have these people ever had a real tree before? Do they realize how brittle and dead looking that tree is going to look a month from now? It makes no sense to me. I like to wait until about a week before Christmas, get a nice fresh tree, get it up and decorated and then leave it up through the New Year. I'm not saying everyone should follow my lead here, but can we set some sort of guidelines on these things like no Christmas or holiday stuff of any kind before Dec. 1? Isn't a month straight of caroling, baking, shopping, wrapping, giving, sharing and happiness enough? Must we start at the end of November?

Either I am not buying into the "Christmas Spirit" and I am clearly missing the point of the holiday season or I am one of the few remaining holdouts that realizes the every growing corporatization of our sacred holidays (Hallmark, I'm looking your way here too).

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