Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pure Perfection

"Game Over, Series Over, and the Red Sox and World Champs again!"

Yeah, twice in four years. It's real. It happened. I was a part of it.

After a long and grueling ALCS against a good Cleveland team, the apparent mismatch against a much more suspect Colorado team became a reality as the Sox swept the World Series for the second straight time. The Rockies were only marginally in the series at any point, with the Sox either leading or in control the majority of the games. Our pitchers were dominant, our hitting was timely and frequent, we played small ball, we slugged it out - whatever the situation called for we were able to adapt and perform as needed. I was supremely confident the entire series with the exception of a brief stretch in game 3 when it looked like the Rockies were going to swing the momentum their way. Naturally, our bullpen rallied to shut them down when it mattered most and the offense was able to do just enough to get the win. A great postseason capped off with a dominant series.

It was incredibly special to be there for game 7 of the ALCS and watch the team celebrate on the field after a strong showing to shut the door on Cleveland. Even after a weekend long ordeal of sleeping on the street for multiple nights, eating far too much McDonalds and sleeping far too little (and drinking far too much as well) it was all worth it. Couple that with being a part of the electric atmosphere of Game 1 of the World Series, it was a special moment.
John Williams leading the Boston Pops in the national anthem, the '67 Red Sox coming out from under a giant American flag hanging on the Monster with Yaz throwing out the first pitch and the fly-by to cap it all off was really incredible. The number of flashbulbs popping for John Williams was almost as many as those for the first pitch by Beckett. A true once in a lifetime experience for me that I can't really quantify in words accurately.

In other perfection related news in the sports world, the Pats ground out a hard fought win in Indy today in the battle of the unbeatens despite having a gun pressed to their foot all game it seemed. We had the most penalty yards in franchise history, we couldn't do anything to stop Joe Addai and missed innumerable tackles (see: 73 yard check-down turned touchdown by Addai before the half), didn't get enough pressure on Manning and gave up an unprecedented number of sacks to Brady. Of course, we put everything together in the final 10 minutes getting several big plays, pressure and a key strip on Manning and shutting down the Colts offense when it counted. Needless to say, while I wasn't impressed I think we all learned a lot about the Pats as a team in this game and I feel very confident looking ahead. Much deserved "bye" next week as well.

For anyone wondering, I have my ALDS and ALCS game notes typed up now and will post them in the rambling entirety here soon. I didn't bother with the World Series since I was at game 1 and then I just didn't feel like doing it for the last three. Just assume they went similar to this script: Our starter goes 5-6 innings, theirs goes 2-4; We get lots of clutch hits and string a bunch of hits together, they strike out with men on and struggle to get any kind of groove on offense; our bullpen shuts them down (with some notable exceptions), theirs struggles to stop the bleeding.

To close things out, random quote of the day here:
"we should patent '3 hour abs'.
It comes with a toilet and a fifth of tequila"

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