Monday, November 26, 2007

A Growing Problem

I came to the realization last night that I despise working. It isn't that I just hate my job in particular, although the hour commute each way does suck, I hate the concept of working. The idea of waking up, going to work and coming home 5-7 days every week for the rest of my life sounds horrendous. I have no desire to work and end up hating almost every job I have within months based on principle alone.

This would almost be a defensible position if the job experience I have had was even remotely challenging. However, to date almost all of my work experience has been either in shitty retail jobs where I was offered a managerial position within 2-4 months due to my obvious over-qualification or some sort of office style job or internship with no supervision. In short, they've all been cake jobs and I still hate them. I think it's clear that I either need to take on a job with serious responsibilities that will keep me occupied and at least interested, or I need to find some sort of job that allows me to work my own hours and/or from home.

Another, easier solution would be for me to live out my ultimate dream of trophy husband-dom. This pipe dream is one of the few reasons I attempt to maintain some semblance of physical fitness.

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