Friday, November 23, 2007

Getting Back in Shape...

...kind of. Since my weight peak of 165 lbs. in late September I had slimmed down to about 153-154 as of the start of a few days of Thanksgiving relaxation. I had begun to incorporate a mix of push-ups, dips, various ab exercises and stretching to my workout regime and coupled with eating at Subway 3 or so times a week instead of Burger King I was able to slim down and tone up a bit. While the physical changes have been pleasing to my ever-needy ego, I think the real benefit has been in the decreased frequency of the chest pains that I was having. Also, considerably less diarrhea. Both big positives. I even lifted and ran 3 miles this past Monday as part of my snail's crawl towards fitness.

Of course, 2-3 days of sitting around watching football, drinking beer and eating Thanksgiving food isn't going to help my bottom line at all but sacrifices have to be made sometimes in the name of family. I wouldn't want to be the only one to not get seconds at Thanksgiving dinner or to turn down a dessert; that would just be rude. Hopefully I'll be back on track starting Monday.

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