Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back on the Highway

After 3 solid months of mooching wireless off the neighbors in my apartment complex too dumb to password protect themselves, they began to wisen up. Slowly, the plethora of available networks for me to pirate wireless connections off of dwindled precariously. Soon it was down to just one that was so slow it made 56k look like the savior of the information superhighway. Clearly this was not going to fly, because even though I could still check my email and do vital Internet activities (get directions, email, check movie listings, get take out menus & numbers) I just couldn't deal with such slow and spotty Internet service, even if it was free. I mean, have you ever tried to download porn at less than 1kb/s?

So today was the fateful day when my savior arrived from the cable company to install my Internet service (he looked very similar to my uncle, which was weird). As soon as he left I removed the shitty 3 foot ethernet cable they gave me for free and whipped out my solid 20 footer. Until I get a wireless router, this is going to have to do and needless to say with a relatively centrally located modem I can do a lot of things with my laptop and still have an Internet connection. For instance, I can make it to the fridge and back to my chair in the living room. I can actually go to any place in my living room/kitchen with the exception of the dishwasher/sink/cabinets area. So I can get things out of the fridge and possibly even cook on the stove, but I can't put away/wash any dishes or get clean ones to put said food on. I can open the door from my chair without even moving and as I am discovering now I can get to the toilet in the bathroom without coming unhooked. Granted I can't close the door due to the ethernet cord, but you have to make some sacrifices in this world for comfort, and if shitting with the door open is one of them then sign me up.

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