Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I miss video games

Saw this link on my news feed this morning and was instantly reminded of the countless hours I spent in 8th grade & High School playing Starcraft and Counterstrike, among other games. Apparently I should have stuck with it and been more disciplined and I could be competing for over 500,000 in prizes and the World Cyber Games, the Olympics of gaming. Dammit.

Sometimes I wish I could set up a huge LAN like we used to do back in the day and just have 6-8 of us sitting around gunning each other down or leveling up in Diablo or something. Those were fun times for sure and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I don't think however, that they did a whole lot to help any of our general hygiene levels or our social skills with particular regard to women. I have moved on from video gaming as a hardcore obsession and now will only occasionally dabble in them just to kill some time or reminisce - which is probably for the best. Additionally, shit like this makes me think of The BP and just what he is up to these days in the gaming world, since he was the Pied Piper of our gaming addictions. I feel like we need to get him sponsored and really buckling down on playing in the 2008 WCG. Just a thought.

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