Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sweet Life

I just wanted to mention a couple of notable things that occurred over the course of yesterday. First of all, when I arrived at school and was coming up the stairs a group of students was clustered at the top, blocking the hallway and preventing me from getting by. It wasn’t a huge deal to me since I was just going to excuse myself through them and go about my business, but it was a big deal to the teacher monitoring that hallway. Since the bell had already rung and these kids were late to class so the monitor comes over and starts yelling at these kids to get out of the way because a teacher was trying to get through. Nothing like getting a little respect from your colleagues to clear the stairs for you. Of note is the fact that I am the only person in the building still that doesn’t have a school ID hanging around their neck, and yet I still get treated with respect and courtesy like any other teacher or staff member. Probably stems from the fact that there aren’t too many white students with button-down shirts and messenger bags cruising the hallways.

While I was working in my office the other day advising a student, one of my colleagues in the career center was talking about Wesleyan University’s library and how impressive it was to another student. The only problem was that instead of pronouncing it “li-brar-y” like the rest of the world, she repeatedly called it the “li-berry”. This infuriates me to no end: DO NOT GHETTOIZE WORDS! Especially when you are trying to advise and educate kids. How is he going to look when he shows up to class one day and starts asking professors where the “li-berry” is at? Jesus H.

While I was simultaneously taking advantage of the McDonald’s buy one-get one McNugget special and destroying my arteries, a lady comes into the restaurant and orders an iced coffee like she just rolled into Starbucks on her morning commute to work. She orders a medium iced coffee, half regular and half decaf with skim milk and caramel with whip cream and two half & half creamers on the side. The poor girl behind the counter looks at this woman (who looks closer to homeless than decaf latte connoisseur) as if she had just sucker-punched her and tries to explain to the customer that she speaks primarily Spanish. The cook has to come out from the back and make this lady’s coffee while explaining to her that they do not have decaf at the moment and they never have whipped cream. The poor homeless meth-addict was really upset at this news and tried to somehow get them to find her some decaf to mix in their, but when told it would be 15 minutes muttered disgustedly that she had “important shit to get done”and that they should just “fill that bastard up with sugar and creamers instead.”
Wow. Didn’t realize McDonald’s was running lunchtime theater these days.

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