Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rainy days are the worst. I hate getting wet more than most anything in the world and everything seems to coincidentally go to shit when it rains. For instance, everyone becomes an even worse driver the minute it starts to rain, making any type of roadway travel even more dangerous than it already is. This becomes especially prevalent when you have an hour long commute to work. However, if that was the only thing wrong with this particular rainy day I would consider it a banner success given the shit that has gone down already.

Consider that on the way to work today, not only was it rainy and miserable but my car started to smell like it was burning oil or transmission fluid, which is decidedly bad. Not sure which one it is yet, but either way it’s going to piss me off. I get to work and this incredibly grumpy lady who I have never seen before is in my office (which I share with other people) complaining that I stole her chair and she can’t believe I have a desk when it took her a month to get a desk. Then she demanded to see ID and wanted to know who I was working for and what I was doing in “her” office. I finally shut her up and attempted to do work, but alas, not such luck as some kid decided that he needed to bring a gun to school today and so Joe Cool and his unloaded .22 get the cops swarming all over the building searching lockers and sending everyone into an understandable level of discomfort. To top this all off, the day started with a veritable invasion force of ants in my kitchen swarming like locusts in the cat’s food dish. Where they came from is a mystery, but that needs to be dealt with once I get home since we can’t keep the cat locked in the bedroom forever. I feel bad for it since odds are 100% that it is going to be bored to tears, but I can’t have him eating the ants or the cleaning fluid I hosed their asses down with before leaving for work.

I fucking hate the rain and all the terrible crap it brings with it.

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