Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Life as we know it.

A lot has changed since the end of July, so updates are in order once again.
I have a job now, and it is the college counselor position I interviewed for in July. Obviously I got the only job I applied for, making me 6 for 6 in job interviews lifetime. I am the ultimate in interpersonal skills.

Due to said job, I now have an apartment and I am living in Shrewsbury, Mass. a mere 5 miles from the Tufts Vet School and Grafton home course. I also have a cat now, which is pretty sick since he is a crazy little bastard who does more than sleep all day like most cats.

The commute to work sucks, and I am going to go broke paying for gas and tolls, which blows, but I am already trying to figure out ways to work from home or just not go to work as often as possible. I get paid a salary, so it’s all the same each week no matter the hours I work. Saving gas, and the environment, is always good.

The end of the summer saw lots of staying up late, hanging out, drinking – standard unemployment activities. Spent some time at Tufts bumming around, ran a little bit winning myself 50$ in the process. Fantasy baseball started heating up and I made the playoffs in two of my three head-to-head leagues, missing on tie-breaks in my money league of course (so unlucky). Either way I am confident that my teams will come out on top due to superior talent, managing skill and sheer luck. My roto league team is dominating, displaying the raw talent of my fantasy sports abilities. I have a 12 point league in a 16 team league with a month to play. Things look promising. Drafted two fantasy football teams the other day, and the jury is still out on them. I have a feeling some trades and waiver-gold will be needed in order to ensure dominance.

Superbad was hilarious and it is still easy to get into Fresh Pond free. Alumni run was a partial success, as I did not get girled, however I didn’t run particularly fast either clocking a 20:30 or so. Silver escaped my grasp as did Carberry, but next year I will be ready to rock and roll. Also, I will be doing more training for has-beens mile in an effort to try and break 5 minutes (odds overwhelmingly against me at this point.

More updates to come as time goes on.

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