Monday, September 17, 2007

Good Advertising

I was watching some car commercial the other day and it really made me want to go buy a new car and just drive until my gas tank was empty. Pretty effective advertising right there. Of course, I can't actually afford a new car or the time it would take to drive until I emptied a gas tank but, thenotion of just taking off and driving, seeing the world pass as I drove along was really enticing. There is just something soothing to me about getting behind the wheel of a car, wind blowing in your face as the sun shines down on you, sun warming your skin. Having no destination, just cruising along in my own car is one of the best images I can conjure up. Maybe it was the commercial (featuring lots of hot women) or the fact that the air definitely turned to fall this weekend (my favorite season) or maybe I just really
wish I could afford a road trip but I really wanted to get into the car and drive after I saw that.

Speaking of advertising, can we all agree that Peyton Manning should not be allowed to make anymore TV commercials? How awful are these, especially after they get played 10 times per game? Someone needs to stop this man before he gets into one of thoseCialis commercials or something.

Continuing on a football note, the New England Patriots are the best team in the NFL,
all espionage talk aside. Tom Brady is easily a top 3 NFL QB (Manning,Peyton and Palmer, Carson being the other two), Randy Moss is running clean, crisp routes and seems to have lost none of his trademark speed and agility (taking two years off in Oakland to regroup probably helped a lot) and the offensive line is working in tandem like I have never seen. Honestly, these guys are going to get almost no credit all year with Brady, Moss,Belicheck and the taping scandal getting all the press but they put a veritable fort around Brady every passing play, allowing him to find Moss and co. downfield and have opened up great seams and holes for Maroney, Morris and Evans to bomb through all day long. As long as we avoid the injury bug (a huge issue in years past, esp. in the secondary) we are only going to get better as the team gells together and we get Harrison and Seymour back. The rest of the NFL better be worried. To address the cheating thing, yeah, that was low and seemed reallyunnecessary given the roster and attention to detail of the coaching staff and I feel the penalty is just. That being said,I am sure many other teams were and are doing similar if not the same thing and it's just a matter of time until they either stop from fear of sanctions or get caught as well. Sure, the Pats broke the rules and they will pay the price, but everyonevilifying New England should just be mindful that their team could very well have been in our place.

In other news, I added a new blog to the favorites list; A blog about beer! This is where I stumbled across the interesting tidbit about Sam Adams Utopia (25%ABV !) and it is a pretty interesting read as far as news, info and general factual nuggets about beer go. Since we all love beer, I figured some of you might want to check it out. Also linking to a coaches blog for all you runners out there who want to see what a college coach's thoughts are.

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