Monday, July 2, 2007


It occurred to me recently that it is impossible for a guy to walk into Victoria's Secret and not instantly be labelled a creep by all the women shopping there. It doesn't even matter if you are married, engaged, dating someone or single - if you walk in by yourself you are automatically a creep. There are only two ways in which to avoid this: 1. Immediately ask one of the employees for help in looking for something to buy for a girl you like. You get instant credibility for working with a Victoria's Secret employee in purchasing a gift of any kind. 2. Walk in with, and remain by the side of, another female. Even if it is just a friend of yours, you aren't creepy since a girl (that everyone will presume to be your girlfriend) brought you into the store.
It's also important to remember that in the event you went with route two and this person needs to use the fitting rooms, stand against a wall and try to look at the floor or something. It is no appropriate at this time to start checking out 18 year olds, or trying to picture what the relatively unattractive women would look like in lingerie. Following these rules is for everyone's benefit.

I've also determined that New York City, while very fast-paced and intriguing to some, is by my estimates a very seedy and disgusting place. This is clearly based on the fact that I have no capacity for acceptance of new things or places and am a total farmboy at heart or something. I was recently in New York and nothing overtly gross or seedy happened to me and I didn't witness anything I hadn't seen before in Boston (i.e prostitution and drug dealing), yet I still felt uncomfortable and on edge most of the time. I won't be going back anytime soon if I can help it.

In more painful news, I ran a few times last week for the first time in over 6 weeks.
On Monday I ran 6 miles and was sore for 24 hours after running, although aerobically I was still fine after the initial 15 minutes of shock wore off. Tuesday I played basketball for an hour or so, which was much more fun than running but gave me some solid blisters. Wednesday I sacked up and raced the mile, 800 and 200 at an all-comers meet at Lewiston High School. I won the mile and the half and got third in the 200. It was especially pleasing to break 5 minutes (4:54) in the mile and shame the hot Somalian prospects of LHS in the process. The 800 was myself and two middle aged men, so after opening in a pedestrian 65 and stretching out a 100m lead I cruised home in 75 instead of thrashing my already achy body attempting to go 2:10 or better. I feel that if I had competitors nearby I could have hammered out another 65 or so, but it wasn't worth it at the time. After finishing this race I jogged across the track to the 200 start and ran a 24.4. Pretty sick.
Overall thoughts are that I still have some semblance of endurance (quickly fading) and good top end speed (holding strong) but me speed endurance is all but evaporated. I was gassed 500m into that 800. Pretty standard given my lack of physical activity since graduation. Oh, and winning feels just as awesome as it always did.

I think I'll close this out with an awesome link and grab some lunch.
Why Wade Boggs is such a champ.

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