Wednesday, July 25, 2007

General Update

Figured a general life update was in order here. After half-heartedly looking for jobs for a couple of weeks, I applied to 4 positions, only one of which I was qualified for. The one I was qualified for, college counselor to low income/high achievement high school students, was the one I happened to get an interview for. I most likely will be getting this job, as the interviewer said it went really well and was very impressed with what I brought to the table. They were just waiting on the background check from Tufts Human Resources to come back clear and it's all systems go. Odds are I'll be employed by the weekend, which is excellent since I have no other conceivable prospects or leads. This means I will be moving to Massachusetts and living in the greater Springfield area.

Been working around my house here in Maine to earn some cash towards paying off my bills. Painted the back hallway and kitchen trim, done lots of laundry and wood stacking, as well as various other chores. It's been pretty sweet though, since I get to sleep as late as I want and work as much or as little as needed to demonstrate significant progress. In my (massive amounts of) free time I have been either hanging out here in Maine, which consists of getting together with my friends and either playing Guitar Hero and/or watching the Red Sox or going to bars. The latter of these has certainly not helped lower my credit card balance. I also have visited friends in the New England area, spending a very fun week at Tufts and going out to Samantha's camp in Augusta to hang out with her and Arielle. Both excursions were very enjoyable and I hope that I can get a possible Maine cliff jumping excursion together, although weekend time is running short as summer draw into the latter stages.

Anna and I have a 50$ bet on who will beat who in the upcoming Beach to Beacon 10k. I am confident that even though the race is in 1.5 weeks and I have only run 5-6 times in the past 10ish weeks that I will be victorious. I ran 3 miles today, which admittedly was rather taxing, and plan to cross train tomorrow with a mix of wood stacking and swimming. My friend Aaron (aka Duff) also has this bet going with Anna, the plan being to deprive her of 100$ and ridicule her endlessly of course.

I re-read the Harry Potter books this past week in preparation for the release of the 7th book, which I have yet to finish at this time. My conclusion on the Harry Potter books generally is that while not terrible difficult to read at all, they are highly entertaining and imaginatively depict a world I would be fascinated to experience, be it possible. I am highly anticipating the conclusion of this wonderful series, which I should have done by tomorrow. At this point full discussion will be welcomed on Deathly Hollows or the series as a whole.

Other than that, Bloom returns to Boston this weekend and Rock the Bells is on Saturday. Things are shaping up for a rocking weekend. I'll post details of upcoming events as warranted.

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