Friday, May 25, 2007

Senior Week Recap

Ok, So it's been awhile since I last posted. I apologize. I was busy taking finals and drinking heavily. I also managed to PR in the 800 in my last college race, so that was huge as well. I'm going to give a brief recap of the senior week events as best I can remember at this point to give all the undergrads something to look forward to and just to fill everyone in to my physical state at the moment.

Day 1: Saturday, May 12th.
I started drinking Tuesday of the preceding week after finishing finals. I took Friday night off for the race. Great decision.

We race at Dartmouth on Saturday. I run 1:54.90. This is an outdoor PR and second best ever time for me so I am very pleased. I run in the 4x400 as well and enjoy that, running a pretty standard 50.2 split. I drive home with Jesse and Arak, and really just loved the whole ride back. Lots of nice scenery in the North.

We return to campus, I shower and eat. Drinking ensues. I am not attending the booze cruise with the other seniors for several reasons. 30$ was pretty expensive, I don;t like boats all that much and I generally get seasick if I am on a boat for more than 2 hours. Add in binge drinking and you don't have a good equation. I opt for the Brom and beiruit with such all-star guests as Mac and Neil. We play lots of the aforementioned game and my liver is working overtime. The booze cruise posse returns around 1:30AM and we kick it up a notch. AK is there after all, and drinking with alums is cool. After drinking all the beer we head out onto campus and start causing trouble. Trash cans are overturned and the Metcalf roof is accessed. Great view up there, very cool. We end up at Conwell where Dominoe's is drunkenly ordered and mac & cheese is prepared by Betsy. My living room is trashed and Team Mayhem gets to work messing with my roommates shit. Arak crashes at Conwell and after a brief regroup the next morning we had to the Broken Yolk for breakfast. Good times so far.

Day 2: Sunday, May 13th.

After Broken Yolk naps are taken. I then play wiffle ball and soccer down at the track for awhile while my housemates do the scavenger hunt. I then take another nap. Life is good sometimes. I scavenge some sort of dinner up and shower. I am informed that it is time to drink again after showering and so I get dressed and the pre-game for the first pub night of senior week begins.

My liver is not impressed, but I managed to subdue with a well-timed barrage of Southern Comfort and move forward boldly into the abyss. The underclassmen come over and join in the festivities and of course, boy bands and 90's pop play a prominent role in our preparations. We depart for the bar and I instruct all my friends to follow me upon arrival as I'm buying a round of shots. This great idea brought to you by alcohol, everyone's inspiration for poor choices.

We see Dust, Dave and Nate there whom I am apparently very excited to see and deafen the trio with my hearty salutations. We drink more. We dance. We leave. I don't remember most/any of this. I get separated from my friends loading the buses and upon returning to Tufts begin to wander the grounds. I also make numerous drunk dials. I climb onto Bush Hall and am unsuccessful in getting to the roof and so I make my exit from the structure via the fall. I make my way home at this point and head to Luke's room for one of the truly epic discussion that can only be had in the early morning hours after a late night of drinking and wandering. I pass out around 5am.

Day 3: Monday, May 14th.

I awake with a 5 alarm hangover and check my email. Coach wants me to race this weekend. Whatever, I say, why not. This would prove to be a poor choice. I laze around and go run 3 miles. Running was not what my body needed at all right now. I pound a Vitamin Water and Gatorade and nap. Around 4pm I shower and get ready for the Red Sox game, another amazing senior week event. The game is to be followed directly by another pub night. My liver is already shutting down in advance. The game is awesome, as the Sox win and so many Tufts people, especially my friends, are there. I have peanuts,chicken fingers and a coke and my body appears to have returned to a sense of normalcy. We head directly from Fenway to a bar a couple blocks away and start drinking. After a couple drinks at this faux-Mexican place in downtown Boston we head to the T to get to Pub Night. As we exit the T at the Boston Common to shadowy figures from under a tree on the common start yelling at me and calling my name. The looks like either wino's or crack addicts and I am advised not to go near them. Naturally, I don't listen and head straight over there.

Our would-be-vagrants are none other than Dave and Brit, drinking in the park from paper bags. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to senior week! We head into the bar where I alternate watching the mechanical bull and sitting on the couch. I can't really afford to drink monetarily or physically and so after hanging out for awhile we all take the first bus home. The strategy here was to get to bed early and sober so as to be prepared for another round of heavy drinking tomorrow before Gala. This only occurred in part, as I decided it would be a good idea to be up with Tyler on Facebook until 3:30am. Another great night in the books.

Day 3: Tuesday, May 15th.

Gala is tonight, and everyone is excited. I spend the afternoon shopping for and cleaning appropriate attire to wear later and napping. I also go do some starts and stretching at the track. This is my "workout" for the week. Sweet.

After practice I come home and Kendra is here. We go inside and hang out for a bit and relax before we have to start getting ready. Scott and I have to share the bathroom while I shower and he shaves do to poor Conwell planning. I exit the shower and their are already 4 people in formal attire in my living room. After everyone is all dressed and has eaten lots of our yummy snack foods we take about a gillion and a half pictures. A very sizable group has amassed at this point and we start drinking in earnest. After a couple down nights I'm ready to go again and we all head for the buses with good buzzes going. After we get to the Park Plaza we have to show like 3 forms of ID and get about 6 wristbands that say we have tickets, can drink and aren't carrying any infectious diseases or something. There is a hassle over Luke's dates ID not scanning properly and so Scott and Luke hassle with the cops for a good 10 minutes before Scott threatens to call the Governor to verify her age. In the face of this overwhelming political pressure they back off and we take a zillion more pictures and drink more.

The hotel is amazing and we have two dance floors: hip-hop with a DJ and Jazz/Swing with a live band. The rest of the night is spent raping the buffet and dancing until our feet blistered. It was an incredible night and everyone had a ton of fun. So much so that the bus ride home was either people hooking up or passed out (this was a theme for most of the bus rides over the course of the week come to think of it).

I got to bed around 3am again. My body is going to crash later this week I predict.

Day 4: Wednesday, May 16th

Tonight we have the Jake Ivory's Pub Night which everyone is super-stoked for. I sleep until noon, eat some shitty lunch at CMike, run a few miles and nap. Tyler and I have Buff Chicks for dinner and wacth 24. Then we try and kill the last of the beer ball and head to his house so he can change and we can do shots. These missions are accomplished quickly and efficiently and we head off to meet everyone else at Sophia with some mouthwash-esque vodka in hand. Classic rock greets us at the door and we finish off the Listerine with alcohol and start having some beers. Finally we leave and get to the bar, but not after another epic bus ride in which Mickey and myself serenade the bus with our melodic singing voices. The piano bar is incredible for numerous reasons. First of all they have buckets of 5 beers for sale at a discount so I buy two of those over the course of the night. This would prove to be disastrous. Luke and I get our song played and go ballistic and the quality of the company and the music is incredible. One of the better nights of the week for sure. Upon returning to Conwell, Tyler and I stay up until almost 4am again. He heads home and I pass out.

Day 5: Thursday, May 17th.

10AM: My alarm goes off. I curse and glare at it through my bloodshot eyes.
10:15AM: I drink two Gatorade's and feebly attempt to dress myself.
10:25AM: The house rolls out to the Champagne Brunch at Dewick. I am in rough shape and reek of booze.
10:35AM: We arrive at Dewick and I am comforted by the overwhelming number of people there who also look and smell like death warmed over. I get eggs and bacon and about 8 glasses of water.
11AM: Some jackass decides to actually go get their champagne and collector glass. I silently curse at them and unsteadily follow along.
11:05AM: I give away my alcohol and curl up on the floor of Dewick in physical distress
11:15AM: I am roused and we go watch a slide show of senior week. It was alright. Other people are still drinking, I want to die.
11:40AM: We go home and I promptly enter napping position on the couch (read: shirtless).
12:15PM: Woken up by Luke and the party planner for Saturday. Make failed attempt at acting like a human. Go to bed in my room.
3:30PM: Go to the track and stretch
4:30PM: Return to the living room, remove shirt, vegetate
7PM: Wonder where everyone else is.
7:30PM: Ciaran, Gary and Sully come into the living room and start watching a movie. I pass out.
9PM: The three of us head to Anna's while Ciaran meets his dad somewhere. I feel normal again.
9:25PM: We hit up Dunkin' Donuts to supplement Anna's. We then get hot dogs at Spike's.
11PM: Play pool and hang out/watch another movie.
1AM: Sleep, again.

Finally, no beers, or booze of any kind for a whole day.

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