Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Senior Week Part 2 and the Interim

Friday, May 18th:
I went to the Last Chance meet at MIT all day in the rain. I ran, despite both the abuse I had inflicted upon myself and my lack of desire to do so. Predictably, it went poorly. On the bright side, Arak, Bradley and Sorensen all did very well and so that was nice to see.

At night I ended up at The Brom and we drank a lot. Big surprise there. It was a really good time with beiruit, funneling, girls actually in attendance and drinking, baking and lovely heart to heart chats. It was a good night for the most part and was fitting closure to senior week for me.

Saturday, May 19th:
The day of our awesome graduation party after the baccalaurate ceremony (which was pretty boring IMO). Everyone's families were in attendance and we really impressed people with our catered, well stocked, tent party. It went very well. I'd love to say that everyone's family left and we cleaned up outside a bit and then relaxed inside watching a movie or something before the big day. But no, I wouldn't be a good degenerate if I didn't spearhead turning our backyard into a huge shitshow with everyone we know stopping by, having a few drinks and generally having a good time.
We started to play beiruit on the buffet tables and around 12-1am or so the cops showed up and told us to shut the hell up and go inside, which we did politely. I continued to drink unhealthy amount of beer which would end up putting me in a very bad state when the tenderloin/chicken sushi/alcohol mix became deadly. My toilet will probably never be the same. All in all a great time, despite very poor decision making on my part.

Sunday, May 20th: Graduation

I wake up totally hung over. I feel awful. I expected every second of it.
I shower and get dressed quickly and chug some water and gatorade in an effort to regain functionality and not smell like beer and vomit. I head to my marching area where I meet up with Tyler and JPH and we have our pictures taken and march into the ceremnoy through a literal sea of humanity. I have never seen so many people in one place outside of a sports arena. It was total madness. After we take a seat I sleep through the honorary degree presentations and wake up to hear the commencement address and be recognized as a graduating liberal artist with about 1,100 other kids.
We march out, I find my family and we go to Anna's so I can get some lunch and clear my hangover. After lunch I sit through a downpour of epic proportion huddling under and umbrella and a poncho and get my degree. After a nap I head out to dinner and then relax the rest of the night playing board games with my housemates.

Since then I have basically just been lounging around my apartment sleeping, drinking or generally doing nothing. The Burren has happened and will probably happen again this week. Guitar Hero was dominated by Mac and Churry and I (using the controller and not the guitar because WE ROCK!) and generally just being a bum. It's been really nice and a great break from school, work or any responsibility whatsoever. Obviously this will come to an end sometime, but while it lasts I'm going to ride this wave as long as possible because who knows when it will come crashing to an end. Odds are I won't be in this situation ever again and so I might as well make the best of it while I can.

That being said, we are playing backyard beiruit today so I am going to go have a bottle of water and a quick nap so I can be on my A-game later today.

Until next time, I'll just be here living the dream.

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