Sunday, April 1, 2007

Alcohol + Sporting Events.

As I was walking back from Sunday run today I saw a bunch of people lining the streets near my house drinking beers and watching the cycling race going on around campus. These were not just degenerate college students who felt that any excuse to drink at 11AM was a good one, but also townies and other adults who live in the area and felt the need to booze early on a Sunday. I got to thinking about drinking as a spectator event, and it occurred to me that there are a bunch of events that people get loaded as they watch, the Boston Marathon being the biggest one (since it also happens to be a holiday here).

My question here is, do these people really care about the sports they are watching, or are they just getting drunk to pass the time until something crazy happens, like a crash or some dude shitting his pants on the way by?
I'm voting for the latter, since I know for a fact that almost no one in the US cares about cycling, especially non-Tour/non-Armstrong cycling and yet there were a slew of people with their coolers full of ice and their sidewalk space filled with empties. Additionally, people always seem to give me dirty looks or try and run me off the road while I am out running and so it stands to reason that they just want something to stare at while they get drunk on Marathon Monday.

I'd like to shame these people for being bad sportsfans, but honestly, I'm looking forward to when I can start being one of them. Sign me up for a 6 pack for the '08 Marathon as I watch many of my former teammates run on by.

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Since when did you get a blog mister? And why did you keep it a secret? Weirdo.