Monday, March 19, 2007

The Week(end) in Review - Part 1

Ultimately this post will contain pictures that will make many of the commentary much more humorous but I left my camera cord back at school and so the photos will remain on my camera until then. I always forget something when I come home for breaks it seems. At least I brought boxers this time....

Spring Break kicked off officially Friday afternoon when I handed in a rough draft of a paper to my writing fellow at 4pm. It should be noted that in very ominous karmic form I had to turn this paper in on the other side of campus during a welcome to break, suckers! driving snowstorm and almost fell down the stairs in Olin thanks to the floor being wetter than your mom's... nevermind. Not a great start to the break, but thankfully that is not where I decided to start my break.

Thursday night was the official kickoff to break that started with my drinking beer in my room while watching poker and writing journal entries for a research project I was being paid to participate in. A few beers and several entries later we headed off to the Burren for 80's night, always a good time. Before venturing into the Burren however, we went to nearby Sligo's to see if Carberry was there. He in fact was, and in his joy at seeing a bunch of his athletes come find him at a bar, bought us all a round. After we pounded that down and talked tourney bball we abducted him from the people he was hanging out with beforehand and hit up the Burren. Normally I have really bad luck in getting them to play my requests that I shout up at the stage, but apparently the Fates were with me tonight as Arak, Carberry and I went 3/3 in shouted requests. Freebird was of course one of them. Someone should tell Bloom that next time he wants a song requested he should stick to shouting like the rest of us, and not approach the keyboard player from side stage mid-song. Seems to work better.

Friday was not a great day, as previously mentioned with the paper writing and the falling down and such. However, Friday night was a grand ol' time as the old Conwell crew (Tyler, Orth) came bombing upstairs to get current Conwell for some sledding on the President's lawn. Being a senior these days, one would think that I would have joined in the revelry and tradition that is sledding on the lawn by now, but apparently I am traditionally deprived. Now that I have that checked off my list I am taking open suggestions for traditional things that every student should have done before graduation to make sure I get them completed. Leave a comment with any suggestions below.

The sledding was excellent and featured numerous jumps, races and startling wipe-outs highlighted by the backwards ride of Gary Ying. He "decided to kick it up a notch" and got slingshotted down the hill backwards. All was well and good until he plowed head first into a concrete barrier since when he said backwards he apparently meant for better or worse. After discovering that he did not in fact have a concussion and was not bleeding out we did what any sane people in our situation would do - slingshotted more people down the hill at the large ramp, backwards. Safety first, as they say. Brendan had brought his snowboard and we watched him jump a bike rack and the library stairs which was a good show, especially when he ate it on the pavement. After an impromptu snowball fight with some unknown wine-drinking Asian kids it was off to the Brom for me. There was a party going on there but it was in the ending stages (aka the sober-ish people were leaving and the drunkest ones remained). I played a couple of quick games of beiruit with Churry and then headed to the kitchen where we proceeded to concoct some pretty awesome eggs. One batch had some Sizzlin' Hot Spice on it, which were quite good, but nothing compared to the second batch which really upped the ante. We dumped some rum into the eggs and then cooked them up and spiced them. They were great and a really interesting way to ingest alcohol. After watching Ted break glass on his head, eating way too much frosting and zoning out to The Tube for about 20 minutes I headed home with Churry.
We both agreed that Ted pushes it to the limit far too often and that the glass breaking over the head was really anti-climatic.

Of note, the Bromfield guys are generally still employing the "Bloom will take care of it when he gets home" approach to mess prevention/clean-up which is especially funny given he won't be back until the Fall.

I'll have a St. Patrick's Day/Basketball game update later in the week when I have some before/after photos (hint: that means we lost).

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