Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh Look! Pretty Pictures! - The Weeks(end) in Review Part 2

Basketball Game recap: The Mid-D faithful went against the coaches for a rousing game of 4 v 4 basketball the Thursday before break. We lose, we shave our heads. They lose, they run a 4x400 in women's uniforms. Seemed like a great bet at the time. As we began warming up for the game I noticed a few things that made that bet seem rather poor.
1. I was the tallest member of our team
2. EB can dunk
3. I hadn't played bball since middle school and couldn't shoot (literally, i was one handing the ball all game. Still put down a solid 12-16 points.)
4. The quickness and endurance advantages we planned on exploiting were not to be had. None of us on that court were in basketball shape.
5. Our offense was pass the ball around the perimeter and jack three's, hope for a put back.

All in all not a great strategy considering we were at a serious height disadvantage at all positions and not markedly faster than the other team to convert any fast break opportunities. Needless to say we were down 14 early, rallied to tie at the half, got down huge early in the second half and then made it close by actually hitting some of the three's we jacked up and employing the "misdemeanor assault" defensive strategy. I think they got one clean shot the entire second half.

So I needed to shave my head. I decided to do it in style of course, and opted for a mohawk straight out of the gates.
Here are some before and after pics.


Don't I look excited.

And after the mohawk process was completed:

Personally, I thought it looked pretty badass.
However, there were some issues.
First off, it was really awkward to have gelled hair sticking off your head in all directions. Sitting in chairs and sleeping were a bit weird.
Secondly, I don't care that much for my appearance on an average day to actually gel my hair. The mohawk hair without gelling it up is really ugly.
Third, the girlfriend did not approve.

Thus the mohawk needed to go. So the next day my brother reluctantly agreed to buzz that off for me and so ended the 24 hour mohawk era.

The St. Patrick's Day parade in Southie was awesome, albeit cold. There were a lot of random people in the parade that didn't make a lot of sense to me as being associated with the holiday (i.e. city councilman, senators etc who ere clearly not of Irish heritage) but the highlights more than made up for that. Highlight one was the people dressed in all Star Wars gear coming down the street. The trail car was Luke and Vader dueling and they were proceeded by about 60 stormtroopers and the some other semi-major characters (Han, Obi-Wan etc.). The most Irish looking of all the Star Wars flock, Yoda, was nowhere to be seen. Drunk, he must have been.

Highlight Two was the people in the building behind us who kept yelling choice remarks all parade such as "Show us your shamrocks!" to the car containing Ms. South Boston (what a joke that is by the way) and "Win one for the Gipper!" as this guy drives by:

His importance in Southie, or the Irish community must be pretty substantial since he had his own personal car in the parade. Either way it was funny hearing these guys behind us hanging out the windows drunk at 2pm heckling this old dude. Naturally, right after this photo was taken and they shouted at him, he turned and waved as the equally geriatric driver feverishly honked the horn.

Our house buddies also demanded that beads and candy be tossed from the street into their second story window. It was fun to watch people heave junk at their house and have them come nowhere close, leaving the handfuls of lollipops to smash into the downstairs neighbors windows. I bet they loved that. To top off the afternoon, the drunken house partiers tossed a beer to one of the guys in the military who walked by. He caught it and proceeded down the parade route drinking a frosty Budweiser. God Bless America.

Spring Break was not that exciting, which was much needed. Saw 300, slept a lot, read a book for fun, did some running and a fantasy draft. There was lots of big talk about "doing something crazy" over break between a couple of my buddies from home and I, such as travelling to Middlebury or Virginia Tech. Naturally we settled on the titillating third option and went to the Salvation Army. Man, do we live on the edge.

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