Wednesday, March 28, 2007


A phenomenon that I think most people around here a familiar with is the PDP, or Post Dewick Poop. It's a pretty standard fact that a short while after enjoying a hearty meal at Dewick you head to the can and take a shit. Plenty of people experience this on a daily (or multiple times per day) basis. It was after this last spring break that I realized how comforting it is to have the PDP sometimes. At home, my meals don't instantly galvanize my bowels into action to clear them of my most recent gorging of fried food and yucky vegetables and my shitting schedule is wildly unpredictable. Here, it's like clockwork and unless I am ill or start eating at really weird times there is no deviation from it. To me, its a comforting schedule to keep and also solid evidence in the "Food at school has laxatives" camp.

I was also sent this gem of a link earlier: 80's child stars turn Hot.
Okay then. Steph Tanner, how you doin'? Some of the other were kind of obvious, but overall a good list you should really check out.

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