Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grab Bag

Lot of really random shit to cover here, so I think I'll just dive right in.

The Big Game: Tomorrow myself, Rony, Jason and Billy will be taking on Rod, EB, Carbs and Kevin in 4v4 basketball - losing team shaves their heads. Should be interesting since we are significantly disadvantaged size wise and I am a huge offensive liability. Also, I haven't played in 8 years since I started in middle school. Should be good. Update tomorrow.

New Men's Dress Shirts: Since I am pretty scrubby more often than not and have very little occasion for dressing nicely I rarely but new dress shirts. The 2-3 I have had/permanently borrowed from my father in high school have served me well. For my birthday this past year, I was given a nice shirt, pair of pants and a tie that matched nicely as an outfit "to wear to a job interview." No event that required looking presentable occurred until last night, when it was time to go to Senior Dinner at the Bacow's house. Perfect opportunity to bust out the new clothes. Of course, I had class until 4:15, then a workout and the dinner at 6 so I was rushing around like a madman trying to get dressed. I was not impressed with the 35 sharp pointy pins that were really impeding my efforts to unfold and wear this shirt. Frankly I am amazed that I didn't impale myself or tear a hole in the shirt. WHY ARE THESE NECESSARY? Wouldn't maybe two get the job done and hold the shirt together in the store? Whoever thought these pins were a good idea is an idiot and probably is the dumbass who fathered Anna Nicole's baby.

Life Goals: Ever since I was 10 years old I have always wanted to be a "regular" somewhere. My strategy was to go to the same diner a bunch of times for breakfast with my father before school when I was 11 (and the Chicago Bulls had the best record in NBA history. Good breakfast conversations) and eventually since he was a big shot state politician and I was a cute kid we would become regulars. This was going wonderfully until that place decided to close down. Apparently, the 99 cents toast and coffee deal wasn't exactly paying the bills. I tried several more times to become a regular at various establishments over the next few years but had little success. The Bagel Place (closed), The Italian Sub Shop (high employee turnover), The Dairy Joy (damn seasonal businesses), A card store (changed locations; I grew up -sort of) and the local convenience store (closed). I was beginning to think I was cursing these places by attempting to be a regular there. Perhaps my business was dooming their financial well being. This all changed yesterday when a newer employee at Hillsides Liquors asked to see my ID and Anne comes out from the back of the store and tells him, "he's all set, he's in here all the time. How are you doing?"
VICTORY! Not only was I now recognized as a regular customer somewhere but it comes with the perk of not needing to fish out ID when I want to purchase booze. One of the myriad of reasons why Hillsides is the best liquor store in the area (See also: Low Prices, Good Selection, Great Staff, Red Bull w/sugar not that sugarfree crap) Pretty much made my day.
Now all I need is a good breakfast place where I can achieve regular status and get "the usual" everyday before work. Ideally it will be near Hillside's so I can go there after work and be a double regular. Exciting times.

Celtics Jinx?: Reading the Sports Guy's blog today, the Sports Gal made her NCAA tourney picks. I was not impressed with the following section:

"The bigger problem is that Bill says we're moving back East if the Celtics pick Durant in the lottery. I wanted to move back East for two years and he wouldn't move back. ... Now I actually like living in California and we'd have to move back only if the Celtics get a specific basketball player? Isn't this grounds for divorce? At first, I thought Bill was joking, but he keeps saying, "I can't live 3,000 miles away if this guy is playing for the Celtics. I can't live 3,000 miles away if this guy is playing for the Celtics." Now I hope the Celtics lose the lottery. Sorry."

I don't think we need these kind of forces working against the Celts. We suck enough as it is. We need to win the lottery. How can Danny Ainge screw up the team by blowing the #1 pick if we don't get it? I'm nervous.

Springtime: I love the spring. Absolutely love it. It's warm, but not too hot. No-to-low humidity, cool breezes, the trails are clear of snow and ice for running. Just a generally nice time of year. That's why my run today was amazing. Great weather, clear trails, the breeze in my hair. Reminded me that I actually enjoy running sometimes and it's actually worth destroying my body on a bi/tri-weekly basis for. Perfect time for a rejuvenating run like this too, right before the break and the start of the outdoor season. I wish I had a picture to demonstrate what I am talking about. You'll just have to picture it. I'm looking forward to May when it'll be warm enough for the swimming hole run.

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