Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Records and Music

All the going to bed early, attempting to eat semi-healthily, not drinking for the most part and training hard appears to have paid off. I ended my 3 year quest to re-take the school record in the 600m on Saturday after throwing down a very inspired 1:21.85, hitting exactly the splits I had planned out ahead of time. Sometimes life just works out like that. Of course, the only thing I noticed the whole time I was running was my teammates just lining the inside of the track and cheering themselves hoarse for me every time I motored by. It was unreal - I felt like the world has stopped rotating and everyone was focused on that race. Couldn't have done it without them. What a day.

On a completely different note, my history of Rock N'Roll class is actually getting pretty interesting. We get to listen to selected music tracks during the class to "illustrate a point", but really they just break up the tangents of the professor. Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Elvis had some really cool songs that I hadn't heard before (aside from their huge hits). I also find it interesting to note that Fats Domino had his named mimicked by the later artist Chubby Checker. I had heard of both of them before but never put it together that one had mimicked the other. So cool. If any of you ever want to take a chill class on Monday and Wednesday mornings I recommend this one. Very relaxed in class atmosphere (I read a novel all last class and did the crossword, jumble and sudoku today and am not behind) and relatively interesting readings make for a winner of a class. Throw in a few movie days and flexible papers dates and you can't go wrong. We even got instructions for where to sit if we came to class drunk (as mentioned in an earlier post). Taking this class really makes me wish I had a shred of musical ability, since being a musician seems like the perfect profession for me.
Think about it: I don't have to pay any particular detail to hygiene and since I would be on the road a lot it would be fast food and calzones all the time! I've always wanted to travel around the US and see all kinds of cool new places I never had the time/money to check out so doing so on a huge luxury tour bus would be awesome. Especially a decked out one with video games and a mini-fridge full of soda. Basically your job consists of wandering around the US with your band mates playing video games and eating junk food until you have to go out and play music for a huge stadium crowd. How awful....
Let's not even get into the groupie factor, since we can all just assume it's totally sweet. Sadly for me, I'm essentially tone deaf and not musically inclined whatsoever so I'll have to find another career path it seems.

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