Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why New Year's Eve Sucks

Since we have just entered into the year 2007, I figured I would kick this blog off with a relevent topic like this one. Of course, the intent was to start the blog for the new year and open it up on Jan. 2nd with this post, but let's be serious, I'm pretty lazy.

New Years Eve is one of the most over-hyped, over-rated and underwhelming holidays in the entire calendar year. Every year people get all bent out of shape about plans for NYE and some brave souls step up to the plate and host parties, leaving the rest of us to often choose between competing parties hosted by a couple of our friends. First and foremost, that sucks right there. Choosing between your friends is never easy, or a desireable thing to do, since oftentimes the point of hosting a party is to get all your friends together. This can cause tension or not be a big deal depending on the makeup of your social group.

Another issue of mine with this holiday is the anti-climactic nature of it. It gets hyped up for at least a solid month, lots of buzz surrounding it and all the action takes place in about 10 minutes from 11:55pm [insert year here] to 12:05 AM [insert year +1 here]. You watch the ball drop, you throw confetti, blow noisemakers, maybe kiss someone and this year watch poor Dick Clark struggle to form sentences to summate his feelings on the occaison. That's it, right there. That's the holiday. Sure it spans two years and you might kiss someone, but I never see anything particularly magical about the immediate shift from one year to the next.

What it boils down to is NYE is just an excuse to get drunk, and stay out really late. You almost always spend way too much money (especially if you venture to Times Square), drink too much and make an ass of yourself. All of these things are well and good from time to time, but I don't see the need to have a holiday based around that. Why must every year begin with a hangover?

Another thing that kills me about NYE is the constant Best of the Year lists for everything, published by everyone imaginable. You have the obligatory top however many songs from every radio station on the planet, top news stories, best pictures, best movies, best gadgets, best websites, best people, best porn-related items etc etc etc. It gets so old, especially when it is followed hotly by shitty New Year's Resolutions. To me, this is one of the more pointless acts of the whole New Year's phenomenon that I dislike so strongly. People use the holiday and the start of the new year to make all these goals and resolutions for themselves to be better people in some regard.

Goal setting is great, and something I am a big supporter of. I just don't think it needs a special occasion to set a goal. What was wrong with striving to lose weight, workout more and spend more time with the kids in July? or October? Why does the thought of everyone else doing it compel so many folks to jump on the bandwagon and make resolutions that are far too lofty and will never be followed through on past Jan. 21st at best? Set goals whenever you want to, and set goals that are something to work for, but also something reasonable. For instance, quitting smoking, drinking, eating fast food and losing 100 pounds all while working out 4 times a week is not a reality. One hurdle at a time there champ.

It seems to me the big beneficiary of the New Year's Resolution is your local gym, where the 6 month membership you just bought won't ever get used and the health food aisle at the grocery store, which is pillaged harder than a coastal town in Viking lore every Jan. 2nd.

Basically, I fail to see why December 31st is such a great night for a big party, with kissing and celebrating and resolutions, with months of hype and Best Of lists leading up to it. Why can't any of these things happen some other night? The more I think about it, the build-up to NYE and the subsequent let down are very reminiscent of the BCS title game for college football. Such a letdown every time.

That's why this NYE I went to a small party, didn't drink, celebrated for about 15 minutes and generally relaxed the whole time. I didn't even have an official plan until the day before. I spent essentially no money, didn't stress out, and had a great time.

Who knows, next year I may just sleep through the New Year festivities altogether.

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