Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Early Semester Thoughts and Random Irritants

So, updates are sparse so far but that is what you get with me. I'm all over the map - deal with it.

First, I just wanted to make some comments regarding the semester to date (about two weeks old). On the first day of one of my classes the professor commented during one of his various tangents that if he were to come to class drunk he would sit in the front since the seats in the back are elevated steeply movie-theater style. He then recommended if we were to ever think about coming to class intoxicated that might be good advice to follow.
We also listen to a lot of music and watch videos during this class, and after over two weeks the professor and all three TA's have been incapable of reliably figuring out the inner workings of how to project video and play audio. It's mystifying. They know they need to play this stuff for the class, how come they haven't come down to the auditorium during some downtime and spent a good hour learning how everything works? Would this be that hard? I don't think so, but then again I don't get paid the big bucks to teach...

I did all my homework for the first week and a half. Readings, write-ups, participation the whole nine yards. This has since been pared down to reading everything for two classes, nothing for two more and skimming for the fifth. I also have limited desire to think ahead and plan out my work in advance, which will become problematic very soon. I still think I deserve some kudos though, I made it 10 days longer than any other semester in staying on top of my work. As things plummet over time, I'll keep you all abreast of the downfall.

Now that Bloom of Bromfield fame has left the country the Daily has gone utterly to shit. Not that is was at any point a bastion of quality journalism or anything, but it was at least readable. There were editorials, columns, less spelling errors/typos and they certainly lived up to their name and came out EVERY DAY!
Now there are no columns, way more errors than before, less editorials, advertising all over the place and they do 2-3 issues a week. This is terrible. Frankly I think they should just print an 8.5X11 sheet of paper every day with the crossword and some comics on one side, and the sudoku on the other. Then do like a once a week issue with sports recaps and campus-wide news from the week before and any relevant national news. They would save money, improve quality (hopefully), save stress to a degree on those who write for the paper and still provide the daily content that the majority of campus gives a shit about. Just a thought.

Speaking of campus publications, what the hell is the Observer anyway? They have no real political perspective like the Daily or the Source and the main draw is the police blotter and shiny cover. Why do they get a shiny cover anyway? No one else does, what makes them so special? A lot of the columns are really irritating too. Why would I want to read a three page article about the Boston Common? I know what it is essentially and what goes on around there, as should most people who have been in the area for a few months. Shit like this kills me.
We really ought to just roll all the campus publications into one huge thing. It would save a ton of money and paper for one. Secondly, everyone would go home happy. The daily could be in charge of daily crosswords and sudokus and then the bi-weekly jumbo publication would include articles copied from the AP with spelling errors (Daily's contribution), some notable and quotable phrases as well as some articles on what conservatives are feeling (Source), a police blotter, inflammatory Snyder column and a flashy cover (Observer), some jokes and satirist articles (Zamboni), random reader contributions/editorials etc (Public Journal), and fashion advice (Melisima or whatever the hell that thing is). Some of the sections could ever be monthly instead of bi-weekly. This is a good idea on so many levels: we save money, save trees, save irritation on the part of the lunch ladies cleaning up all those papers every day, the general public feels better because we aren't bombarded with crap all the time and won't need to carry around 15 publications to occupy our in-class time and we will never have to hear "cut their funding because we don't like that they printed X" ever again. Think about it people.

Why is there no snow? I hate cold weather when there is no snow. This is why winter sucks balls these days. Thank you global warming or El Nino or whatever. Ass.

Anyway, I'll try and keep the content flowing. If you get bored hit up The Brom or Bloom's blogs.

-Detroit out.

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